Helping our clients re-position themselves in their market place and sector is one way in which sws can ensure that you have both ‘something worth saying’ and communicating what you have to say in the most effective way. Organisational re-positioning flows from your core values, but publicity and promotion of your message is essential in communicating these values to your principal audiences.

At sws we don’t believe in ‘hiding lights under bushells’ but neither do we believe in promotion for promotion’s sake. Our approach aims to communicate your message in a planned, organised and pro-active manner, linking the planning process to core values rather than superfluous pursuit of publicity. 

sws strive to create new PR paradigms in the public and third sectors by ensuring the delivery of carefully planned, comprehensive campaigns and through tailored ad hoc projects.  We believe that this is the most effective and economical means of communicating with stakeholders, raising awareness of clients’ achievements and future plans, and cementing a positive image in the mind of your major audiences.

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