Creating ‘something worth saying’ to the outside world requires that clients’ policies are well thought-through, appropriate to the operating environment and reflect the core values of the public and third sectors. It also requires that clients who wish to mould the policy landscape need to submit their views during key consultations and policy reviews. We help to support both of these activities.

An evidence-based approach is essential to ethnical influencing too.  We offer needs, community and market research services to the public and third sectors so that they can make an effective case to decisions-makers.  Our range of research services equally enable understanding of the geographical needs of the areas in which our clients operate through targeted use of GIS. 

Our clients' desire to meet the needs of their customers and communities more effectively, and to report progress to their primary stakeholders, is also aided by the sws approach. We are able to parcel-up complex research findings into understandable bites, through production of customer and stakeholder reports that are user-friendly yet enable clear understanding of your business. 






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